South Florida Divorce Attorney

In the current economy, many people are feeling more financially strapped than ever. With budget freezes and job loss, every dollar is carefully monitored and expenses are constantly re-evaluated. But, there are still big expenses that cannot be avoided.

If your marriage is unsteady and you are ready to leave, you should not be forced to stay in your relationship for financial reasons. Divorce and legal counsel can be expensive, but they do not need to be unreasonable.

I am Lindsay B. Haber, Attorney at Law, and I offer individuals the effective representation they need at the low costs they can afford. I know what people need in a lawyer, and that is exactly what I offer:

  • Cost-effectiveness: I expeditiously find the issues that need to be addressed and work to find solutions. I manage my time carefully and do not charge clients for every minute detail of their representation.

  • Experience: I have more than 10 years of experience effectively guiding clients through the legal system. My experience allows me to offer closure during a challenging and emotional time.

  • Strength: Clients benefit from my determination to achieve a positive outcome and my meticulous attention to the unique details and circumstances of each case. I have excellent retention and am good at questioning and cross-examining individuals. I know exactly what to ask or say to find the answers I need.

  • Accessibility: During the course of each case, I remain in close contact with my clients and frequently check in to make sure we're on track with their goals. My clients appreciate my fast turnaround time on all communications. I proficiently direct clients through the paperwork that needs to be completed.

  • Attentive listening: I am attentive to your specific needs, goals and objectives. I listen carefully so that I fully understand what is most important to you, and where there may be opportunities for negotiation or compromise. My representation is tailored to your individual needs.

Whether you are working through divorce, resolving child support and custody issues or are involved with a restraining order for domestic violence, I can help. Making a smart choice about your legal counsel means finding a South Florida family law attorney who provides efficient and affordable representation. Contact me online or call (305) 379-9000 to schedule your free initial consultation.