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Grandparent Rights

It is a common misnomer that Grandparents have a right to seek visitation with their grandkids residing in Florida. While it is true that Florida Statutes provide grandparents with an avenue to seek visitation, that statute has been held unconstitutional by the Florida Supreme Court on several different occasions. In fact, Florida Courts have gone so far as to consistently hold that parents have a right to raise their children without interference by the state unless there is a demonstrated harm to a child.

If, however, you are a grandparent who has been awarded visitation through a Court Order from another state and are looking to enforce the visitation in Florida, you may be in luck. Florida does recognize and domesticate judgments entered by other states. For more information on Grandparent rights, please feel free to: contact Lindsay B. Haber, Esq.

Lindsay B. Haber, Esq. is a partner in the family law division of Kluger Kaplan. Ms. Haber has worked as a family law attorney for nearly nine years and has experience in high-profile, high-conflict family law matters, such as complex and high value property, business and financial distributions as well as acrimonious child-related matters including international kidnapping and parenting conflicts.

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